Split Surface Into Individual Faces



I never like working with curved surfaces, so I would like to find an easy way to divide them into faces. Whenever I copy-paste a curved surface, it shows the cuts that can be made to divide the surface into individual faces. However, the cuts disappear after I click off the surface (even when I select it again), and there’s no button to split the surface into individual faces. Is there really no way to do this, or am I just not looking hard enough?


~ Cheezepin


Hi cheezepin.

Could you add a picture that shows what you’re trying to do?
I don’t understand at all.

Have you tried showing hidden geometry? this helps?


If you just want to see the edges that bound the faces, you could show Hidden Geometry as @spawn2k99 suggested. You could also unsoften the edges or unhide them as the case may be.

Why do you need to see each face?


You can also use polygons instead of circles. This is not a solution for arcs however…