How to divide the curve faces into the X and Y lines?

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how can divide the curve faces into the x and y lines? like a grid

If i understand you correctly, you can use Drape Tool. See below .gif :



or paralel curved surface…



Thank you
That’s exactly what I wanted.

Thank you so much for guidance.

Excuse me, but it does not work on my curve surface.
Sample.skp (149.2 KB)

It would have saved everyone a lot of time if you had uploaded your sample in the first place. What exactly do you want to have happen? Do you just want to see the edges dividing the faces? Turn on Hidden Geometry in the View menu. Or you can make them visible by unsoftening them. Select the geometry and move the Soften/Smooth slider to the left.

The surface in your model is a twisting 3D curve, little of which is even close to parallel to the x-y plane. So, it isn’t clear what you mean by “the x and y lines”. Do you mean a grid of evenly-spaced edges that follow around the curve both along and across the surface?

It was a wild guess since you didn’t share much information about your geometry.

You can use QuadFace Tools to select/create loops & edges.


Thank you for solving the problem.

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