Spherical curve on face

Hi Guys

Is there a plug in that would allow me to put a spherical curve on the front face of this jigsaw piece?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Jigsaw piece.skp (234.7 KB)

You don’t need a plugin to do that. Create a sphere and use Intersect Faces. Then erase what isn’t the puzzle piece.

the radius of my sphere was probably too large.

You’ll need to work on the model at a larger scale. Either scale up and back down or use the “Dave Method” which I did for the above.

hi @DaveR

thanks for the explanation… I have been trying for the last hour or so and still cant quite get it. it just leaves a circle on the jigsaw rather than a curve. would you mind having a look to see what i am doing wrong please? thanks

tbc puzzle.skp (537.9 KB)

You need to put the sphere inside the group so all the geometry is in the same context. After the intersection the part of the sphere inside the puzzle piece becomes the curved surface of the piece.

Here I’ve inverted your broken sphere to use the bottom of it. I extruded the puzzle piece upward first to make it easier to select and delete the unneeded stuff at the end. I also used keyboard shortcuts for Cut and Paste in Place.

thanks, that worked a treat…wouldnt have got there without that vid