Spectator View Camera on SketchUp Viewer for Hololens

I was wondering if anyone tried the recently released Spectator View Camera setup with Sketch Up Viewer for HoloLens. I’m looking to build one myself to use with Sketch Up Viewer and other HoloLens Apps. But I wanted to see how if other people had already tried it.

How-to: Spectator View, a new tool to help others see what you see in HoloLens

We have not tried the Spectator view. Although we did buy two HoloLens devices, and I was able to invite the other user to the same session via Trimble Connect. This allowed me to record directly through the device, using the voice command ‘Cortana record’.
Additionally there is a utility app for HoloLens you can install on your Windows 10 OS that will show the HoloLens view that you can share live or record. The following is a link to a demo I recorded

I’m sure the ‘Spectator View Camera’ is higher quality.