Specs Needed for new Graphics Engine

Although I just purchased a very robust machine for SketchUp and Rendering, I was surprised to get a pop-up that said it was not compatible with the new Graphics Engine. Are there specs anywhere that layout the hardware needed to run it?


Indeed there are


middle of the page, after the generic requirement, you have the specs for Metal2 (mac) or DIrectX12 (pc)

Check that you have the latest driver for your graphics card, downloaded and installed from the card chipset manufacturer’s website (not auto-installed by Windows). Also check that SketchUp is using your graphics card.
Update your profile with your new computer specs.

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I seem to recall you had a RTX4080 (unless I’ve misremembered).
That is compatible for sure

I’m so honored that you remember my graphics card … :grinning:

I never forget a graphics card :joy: