Graphics card compatability/suitability

Looking at purchasing a new laptop (but on a budget). The one I’m looking at is an Intel i7 with 16gb RAM and a Radeon 630 graphics card. Will that successfully run at least the Free version but more importantly a paid version (perhaps Pro) once I establish it does what I need??

SketchUp requirements.

The Radeon 630 is an entry level GFX card. Depending on what you use SketchUp for I’d rather give it a miss if I were you. Find something nVidia (historically plays nicer with SketchUp) and GTX1060 (6GB RAM) or better.

Also, which i7 CPU? Get something with as high a base (not boost / turbo / whatever) clock speed.

Thanks for the advice Julian. Great help!


I’ve wondered how well a low base / high boost speed CPU performs vs one with high base speed.
In this recent test there was no discernible difference in performance.

Real world usage has a number of things running simultaneously on a computer, not only a single program.

Depending on your actual CPU (there are some that differ) you’ll have a number of cores (say 4) running at say 2.2 GHz base clock, with an advertised boost clock of say 2.9 GHz but generally on a fraction of the cores (in this scenario it would only be 1) only (qualified in the fine print very few people take the time to read). Some CPU’s are able to run on full boost speed on all of their cores, but they are generally more towards enthusiast classed hardware.

The higher base clock rating your CPU is rated at is an indicator as to the quality of the silicon, the better the silicon the more efficient it runs (less power draw / cooler) at a certain clock speed. Lower rated hardware is normally paired with weaker cooling solutions due to market driven segments.

So, the way I see it, you have two options here: either run slower (cooler / less power draw) until you need power (maybe on limited cores, see above) and have the CPU cooler go through the roof (this has a noise implication) keeping temperatures under control and live with response times; or run at a higher base clock (things open / respond faster, run multiple programs simultaneously with ease) and still have the boost headroom if you really need it on the odd occasion.

16 GB RAM is likely adequate.

What is the complexity of your models ?
And where are you (nation-wide) and what’s your budget ?
Desktop or notebook machine ?