Spark Plug

Just doodling while it rains. A spark plug from around 1915.


You’re a Champion


Aw shucks. Thank you.

Nice model, but you should switch places of the isolator and the central electrode in the exploded vieuw.

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Thank you. You’re right. I should do that.

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You know there are some people you love to hate! Excellent work.


Plus I’m, confused - Minnesota time is 16:45 so are you also a time traveller?

I don’t understand.

Military banter based on the 24 hour clock - 19:15 is 25 minutes in the future.

Ah… I see.

Great Job! as always…I’m so jelly.

Humm … I’m not so sure, he could be an NGK … :wink:

Aren’t we Mr. Fancy Pants?.. Nice work as usual, Dave

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Beautiful! How did you do the hatching?

Thank you. The hatching was just a little post processing of one of the images I exported from SketchUp.

This looks like it was allot of fun. Bravo.

… sehr sehr gut !
(and finally, I now know what the spark plugs of my old beetle, which I used to clean with a wire brush, look like from the inside)

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Hmmm, Just a Little Post Processing. Nicest part for me!