Spanish Translation Error


When drawing a polygon, the user is asked to input either the circumscribed circle radius or the inscribed one, and they are “interchanged”: when supposedly you’re typing the inscribed, is the circumscribed and vice versa. I’m attaching an image so that is clearer.

Though it is not a big deal (it is easily noticeable), I hope it is solved soon.

Consider that the semantics can be confusing when comparing to math terms:

  • An incircle is the largest circle that fits inside a polygon or triangle (and touches all sides of the triangle), so the radius is the “radius of the inscribed circle”. And in SketchUp terms the polygon is circumscribed around the circle (seen in the screenshot). SketchUp probably means the “radius [of a circle] that is circumscribed”.
  • An excircle is the circle that fits around the triangle or polygon by passing through all its vertices. So the polygon is inscribed in the circle.

The value displayed in the value control box is the radius of the circle, and it doesn’t change when toggling inscribed/circumscribed. In both cases, the radius that you input refers to the dotted circle, not necessarily to the corners of the polygon.

If I had understood you right, your point is that when SketchUp says “circumscribed radius” it refers to the polygon itself, but not to the dotted circle shown in the screen (which is the inner one)?

I’ll try to be clearer: when drawing polygons, let’s say triangles, I have had to do the maths to calculate the radius of either the inscribed or the circumscribed circles for the triangle to have a certain side length, and it is the opposite to what the program says. I’m just suggesting that it might be a problem which occurred when translating. I’ll install the English version to check that.

Thanks for answering anyway, though I don’t think what you said is the solution for my problem.

I forgot to mention that I checked English and German versions and it was consistent. I believe it’s just that SketchUp chose its terms unfortunately.

The old way (as we have been doing all the years before 2015) was to draw the triangle in empty space in the desired size, use the rotate tool to rotate it around 60° and then move it in place.