SpaceNavigator from 3Dconnexion doesn't detect Layout 2018, when switch software

Hi guys, I have a problem with the SpaceNavigator detecting SketchUp Layout. I just two weeks ago reinstall a new complete system: Win10 with SketchUp pro 2018. The SpaceNavigator detect all softwares I use (Photoshop, Google Earth, Chrome, etc) it works perfectly in SketchUp with the plugin installed but in Layout… Nothing.

I use my SpaceNavigator in my previous system Win7 with SketchUp Layout 2017,2016 and 2015. Everything always works find but for some reason, it just not work in Win10 LO 2018. Note that if I use Google Earth just before then I switch to Layout, the mouse work but with the setting of GoogleEarth. It just doesn’t detect that I switch to Layout software.

Have ideas?

Note that I also write on the 3Dconnexion forum. If they come with solution, I will post it here.

Little info on my driver: 3DxWare 10.5.4 3DxWinCore

UPDATE: I rolled back the driver to 10.4.10 I had to re-copy the plugin <3DxSketchUp> into plugin folder (from my old 2017 plugin folder) then the SpaceNavigator now see SketchUp and Layout as well !
So, I don’t know why 3Dconnexion mention that you need the driver 10.5.4 to run SU2018 because Layout doesnt work with it! and both software works with the previous driver 10.4.10 I’m still waiting for some explaination from 3Dx. I think they just forgot about Layout!

Hi Joe thanks for the update. Looking into this issue I had updated my driver to 10.5.4 and I see the same issue you have described. I also see when the driver is updated 2016 and 2017 stop working as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We also confirmed that this is also the case on the Mac.


Thanks Trent. That confirm the problem is not on my side. I’m sure if we contact and convaince 3Dx, they will fix this in their next driver revision. (Hopefully) Until then, running 10.4.10 works for me. The only new feature they add I noticed in 10.5 is that you can save your settings. Practical when reinstall a new system and avoid a lot of snapshot screen to reconfigure every software one by one. I saw through the years some improvement in 3Dx drivers, so I’m confident they care. Right guys?

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