3DConnexion not working in SketchUp 2015

Anyone else having this issue in SketchUp 2015? Connexion Space Navigator no longing working.

Hi, 3dconnexion will need to release a new extension and drivers compatible with 2015. Make sure to check their website for updates!


I cannot work without it! hoping it will be soon!

Same problem here. Add back the Orbit icon to my toolbar?! Painful.

+1 I have the same problem. Any help?

Mine is working just fine. Win 8.1 pro, Sketch Up 15 Pro, build 15.0.9350 64 bit. I did have to start and restart the 3d connection software several times. along with restarting sketchup. Not sure of the exact sequence. I have the Wireless space mouse.

update- now it has stopped and will only zoom in and out. how frustrating!!

Same problem here. Looking forward to a solution…!

Win 7
Sketchup Pro 2015 15.0.9350 64-bit
3DXWare 10.1.4
SpaceNavigator (firmware v3.18)

I contacted 3DConnexion about Sketchup 2015 and they are working on a solution. But they don’t know when it will be ready, it can takes a couple of weeks.
Are these people not part of the Beta program???

They are. But remember they support other applications as well - so our release schedule might not fit with ours.

Same problem here!
I really need a working 3DConnexion mouse to work w/Sketchup. Why the need for a new plugin?

Double trouble for me - lack of 3d mouse in SKP 2015, and in Lumion - my left hand has never been so rested… Oh little Orbit tool please forgive me, be good to me…

Add me to the list.

Disappointed customer of both sketchup and 3dconnexion

Understandable that the combination of the two would have some functional bugs

Yet, flabbergasted that sketckup could be released not working at all with the 3dconnexion drivers

If no one at Trimble is using 3dconnexion, i highly recommend that you start doing so. Your customers are…

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I find my productivity with SketchUp using the 3DConnexion mouse is nearly doubled, as I tend to fly around almost continuously while tweaking a design.

Trimble folks may find it useful to do a survey to see how many 3DConnexion users are in this same predicament, as it’s a GREAT combination and they may want to add 3DConnexion compatibility to the Release Test Plan.

If I had been told ahead of time that 3DConnexion was NOT working (yet), I would have delayed upgrading until it was, and I wouldn’t be frustrated by both companies’ lack of apparent support.

Rock on! – To be clear: both great products, just a bit frustrating to have to wait.

Bad situation Sketchup 2014 + 3D connection on yosemite crashes and Sketchup 2015 + 3D connection doesn’t crash but 3D connection doesn’t work. I hate it!

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Like most, once you get onto the Space Navigator, you don’t want to go back, but last night I drew for an hour or so, using the ‘Space Navigator-less’ environment, and sometimes it’s faster and more accurate. My S-N starts to get harder to control after an hour or so. I just open the S-N Home (little window) , choose properties and re-set defaults, and that seems to bring it back to ‘default’ feel.
I’m finding out too, that SketchUp has lots of ways to reduce the work load on the processor. I’m sure that helps, especially as the drawings get more complex. “Turn off rest of model” when working on one component for example.
Once I had to uninstall and reinstall, that fixed it too. It only works in SketchUp, with limited function in one or two other programs. I think zoom in / out works in Google maps. Other programs have to be enabled, so you have to search from within a program to find how to enable the S-N for that application. I think.

I rely heavily on SketchUp Pro for architectural design work and was very excited by the 64-bit performance improvement. My Space Navigator not working is a deal breaker though so I’m back to 2014 for now. I’m fairly versed using the middle mouse button (+ shift, etc.) but even so it’s a productivity killer. And forget those buttery smooth fly-through presentations. I love what both companies do for us, just hope the fix comes sooner than later.

Ditto here. Deal breaker.

Working for me, just need to adjust the speed

I can neither confirm nor deny that we have someone from 3dconnexion on our beta list, but let’s just saw that I think they’re aware and hopefully will put out an update soon.