Getting the SpaceNavigator Mouse to work in SKP 2015?

Tried dragging copies of the SpaceNavigator mouse plugins to the plugin folder in the Application Support folder for SKP 2015. Have tried getting the SpaceNavigator preference pane to see SKP 2015 - can do this but nothing is getting the mouse to work. Suggestions?

Probably the manufacturer will have to post a new version of the plugin for SketchUp 2015.


I don’t have one, but the word is that they need to update their driver and are working on it.

Thanks for this. For the time being I will stay in 2014.

Unfortunately the 3D Connexion mouse is created by 3D Connexion and they use very specific drivers for the device allowing it to function with SketchUp. If you’re having problems with their mouse you may be able to download an updated driver from their site which will work with SketchUp 2015. If they don’t have a driver yet, be sure to contact them directly to confirm when a driver will be available.

Thanks - have already posted on the subject in their forum.

Same issue
Their posted driver did not work for me 11/5/14

They are aware of it. Says it will some more days before they have it working

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The new driver is now available. Have it installed and it operates as expected. Big thanks to the 3D Connexion folks for getting it done.

Here is the link to the new drivers 3DxWare 10 Archives - 3Dconnexion US

Thanks for update of availability