SpaceNavigator 3D mouse rotating issue on Mac

SketchUp 2016 (Mac OS) won’t rotate with a 3Dconnexion mouse (SpaceNavigator).

Right after starting up everything is smooth but then it stops reacting to the rotation function (twisting the knob clockwise / counterclockwise).

I have it on both my Mac Pro 2008 as my MacBook Pro 2013. Installed latest drivers, demo software works like a charm.

Does anybody else experience this?

Make sure you have ticked all of those boxes under “Active”?

Sometimes my Spacenavigator doesn’t react anymore (also mac) maybe this is the same. This can be very easy solved by pulling the USB out and back in.

Were can I find those Trimble SketchUp Advanced Settings? Also, are these in OS X? I can only find a ‘Overall speed’ setting in the system preferences for SketchUp.

I think that @josephkim626 is showing the Windows settings for 3DWare.

I appreciate everybody’s input but the preferences are set rightly. I already tried re-pluging the USB connector, but that doesn’t fix it. At first it works fine and after a minute or so, after also using the Wacom tablet, rotation, and rotation only gets unreliable.

I have two Macs and it works fine with SketchUp on a retina macbook pro 15", but the stuttering rotation only appears on a Mac Pro 2008.

I reinstalled the 3Dconnexion driver once more, but it doesn’t fix it. I have a second, PCI USB 3 card in the Mac Pro but switching to that doesn’t change anything either.

I’ve wasted too many hours with this, I give up.

I am indeed using Windows as @TheOnlyAaron said.

I thought the menu would be the same for MAC, I suppose not.

you have to make sure that your 3D mouse recognize that you are working in “Trimble SketchUp”

Then click on “Advanced Settings”

You would find something like this, and you have to click on “Speed” to show the window that I have uploaded above.

Sorry, I actually don’t know how this looks like on MAC

If it were a settings issue, it would not work fine for a minute first. Still, I checked it a few times of course.

It works fine on the Macbook Pro with the same settings. Both machines have mostly identical software on them, so maybe it’s something hardware related.

The Mac version of the system settings panel looks very different indeed: No speed settings per different type of movement there.

Try 3DConnexion’s support forum or tech support?

I did, but not for this problem yet. Their tech support came back to me today, more than a week after I asked them about how to use their 3D mouse with Blender. I wanted to wait for their answer on that first.

Blender only supports orbiting with the 3D mouse in what SketchUp calls ‘Camera Mode’ view. In other words: The 3D mouse influences the camera point, like you are moving around in a First Person Shooter game. This may be a popular style for games, but it is not so intuitive when working on a 3D model. You’ll want to rotate the model, not yourself.

Anyway, without going into to much detail: Turns out they are completely clueless about how Blender reacts to their 3D mouse. They gave me instructions for Windows, while I had been very clear about being a Mac user. That they are so clueless is weird since there are not that much populair 3D applications that it works with on the Mac.

Their tech support can answer the most common questions and seems to just google the rest, very unimpressive.

I’m now trying to find out who to contact to write a suggestion about this because it obviously harms their business. For example: they have a forum wit a Mac / Blender post from 2007 that doesn’t provide an answer and is viewed 68000 times since.