Space mouse no go on 2024

My space mouse does not seem to be working on v2024 on Mac… anyone else found this… got any tips to resolve?

Install the latest driver: (It works for Windows but I’m not sure about Mac)
3Dconnexion Software

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There is a new Mac driver too.

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Great, thanks, sorted… the new driver does the trick.

The 3d connexion software within system preferences was saying my driver was up to date and not giving the option to update.

Driver must be downloaded direct from


I installed the new driver, it didn’t work in SKP 2024 or 2023, then I re-installed the old driver, SKP 2023 worked & 2024 is not working,

See this thread:

I actually got my old Space Mouse Navigator (circa 3D Basecamp 2018!) to work by reinstalling the drivers. A box popped up that asked which programs I wanted to use it with, and SketchUp was unchecked. So I checked it, finished the install, and VOILA…it works great with SU 2024.