Sort/Order/Arrange Components Attributes List

I’ve created a mess for myself trying to create a dynamic window model, which has many subcomponents that need tweaking, renaming, and in some cases combining. I’m having a hard time keeping all the moving parts organized in my head, which is augmented by my inability to keep them organized in my components attributes list.

Is there a way to organize the components (parent and sub) in the components attributes list alphabetically?

Based on a previous thread it seems like the only way to create order is by removing and re-adding a subcomponent to a parent list via the outliner, but that only places the subcomponent at the bottom of the list.

If I understand correctly, that would make it very hard to maintain order in a complex model undergoing continuous editing. Say I have a model with 50 sub-components that I’ve managed to get in perfect logical order, but find that I need to add another, it would be added to the bottom of the list automatically. If I need the newly added component to reference the LenZ of the first on the list and the LenY of the 3rd on the list, it would take a lot of scrolling, but to place it adjacent to it’s sibling parts, I’d have to re-add all other 48 sub components to get them below the newly added item.

Imagine having to add several new components and this very quickly becomes a substantial task.

If not alphabetically, or numerically, is there anyway of “auto sorting” a whole list in any way other than the order in which it was added?

Yep, as per your other post on this subject, you are finding out the many limitations of DCs. They have been pointed out on this forum many times but nothing has changed. My guess is that they never will. Inadequate demand.

Two years later, and I’m experiencing the same issue as @tysongersh. Does anyone know if there’s been any movement on this through Sketchup’s updates? Or maybe an extension someone is aware of? Fredo6, TomTom, SuForU, and some others have made extensions that seem to control Sketchup at a deep system level; Is this something that an extension could even affect?