Help in controlling order of attributes in a component

I am trying to create a dynamic component that allows the user to choose between two different types of materials Wood and Metal and then be able to select different woods or different metals in the next drop down list depending on what they select in the first drop down list (2 items) is this possible. How do I change the order of the way the attributes appear in the window once I have created the different attributes in the attributes dialog creation window? If anyone could direct me to information that would help me understand this I would appreciate it very much.

The attributes are displayed in alphabetically order,
Use names like a_first, b_second etc.

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Correct, but it’s quite common to want to group related attributes together as well as have a specific order. So consider using letter-letter or letter-number names. Leave gap in the sequence in case you want to insert one in the future.


It’s an awful work-around. Reminds me of early BASIC programming with line numbers and you could not re-number the lines.

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not directly, however you can place formula in the value section of the dropdown, so as in this example attached choosing the type results in a different value depending on whether the timber or steel option is shown as the formula in the type dropdown value is processed
formula in dropdown.skp (20.9 KB)

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