Option list in a Dynamic Component?

Is there a way to re-organize the option list? See the image below to see what I am talking about.


I’m not quite clear what you mean, but I think you are asking how to change the order of the option labels from alphabetical - is that right?

IIRC the options sort in alphabetical order of the attribute names you chose. You can show something different in the options by setting the Display Label in the attribute. To access the dialogue to set the Display Label, click on the icon to the right of the attribute name (as in the line JAMB in your second image).

You could prefix your attribute names with a letter and underscore, for example, and choose the prefix letters to sort the options into the order you want.

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I tried your suggestion but it didn’t work.

I think it should have - found this older post on the same subject.

I did this awhile back for someone else. Admittedly I didn’t create a list in the Options window but you can control the order of option fields. I started with three custom attributes named Apple, Banana, and Cherry to make the order apparent. I set the Display Labels so Width corresponds to Apple, Height to Banana, and Thickness to Cherry.

After renaming Apple to Pear you can see that Width shifted to the bottom of the options. I did find that I needed to open the other Info window and click on Apply to get the change to appear in Options.



This worked and I was able to get the order I wanted.

Thanks for the help.

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Actually Great thing … it is sometimes complicated to discover something so simple in the program but I noticed it is actually pretty simple in use…
Just create Attributes with names that You wish… Display Label will be automaticly set to the name of the attribute… then add prefixes to the attributes names “a_”, “b_” to set the order… Display label will not update but order will change… it will not be viseable on fly but You can close and open Component Options dialog box… Basicly everything like You said… just Your post made me think at first it is extreamly complicated…