Dynamic Components Options


Is there any way to change the order of the items in the Components; Option screen? Right now they seem to default to alphabetical order. I’d like:


Instead of…


I now I could number them…

  1. Length:
  2. Width:
  3. Material:

But that loos odd in the window. Any way to drag options around in order, or am I just asking too much? Just too nit-picky!



You’ve got it. There is no other way to order them. It would be nice to have a “tab order” similar to html forms.


I letter them A, B, C … to establish the order.
But that doesn’t mean the lettering has to be visible in the Component Options display.
Click the blue Details icon to open the Info dialog and enter whatever Display label you want.

Bug when Renaming Attributes in Dynamic Component

Ha! The perfect solution! Thanks! I knew there had to be a work around out there… :smiley:


Just started to read and watch tutorials on DC`s. This will come in handy down the road…