Customizing Component Option description ordering

Is there a way to control the ordering of how Component Options are displayed other than based upon alphabetic arrangement of the underlying attribute names?

In a component library for a cabinet shop the primary option that needs to be changed is usually WIDTH & HEIGHT.
Every now and then some of the other attributes like stile dimension need to be modified but not near as often as width & height…

I can customize how the attribute is displayed in Component Option dialog box.
Is there a way to also be in charge of the order these custom descriptions are sequenced?

In short, no

Order is now: name, itemcode (in titleblock)
Then : Summary, description

Then: custom attributes in alphabetic order
Then : IFC attributes ( if tagged)

Thanks Mike.
This makes sense to me now.

Probably a good idea to diagram the component on paper first to understand how the Component Options will be ordered. Then develop some kind of abc-prefix to establish hierarchy within that list.


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