Sort components alphabetically in local component window

Is there any way to sort the components alphabetically in the list in a local folder in the components panel? They are sorted so in the actual folder but are random in the components panel.

It’s not a real issue but my naming of components does not always follow a logical pattern. An ascending alphabetic list would help me to find them a lot quicker than scrolling through the full list and missing the one I’m looking for.

Got a pic? Mine sort alphabetically…

Details view and List view should sort alphabetically with numbers and symbols at the top. However capitals and lower case letters are sorted separately. So the whole alphabet in caps first then again for those starting with lower case.

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My in model ones seem to be alphabetic but the local ones aren’t.

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Hmm ya same here, weird…

If I open a fresh local collection, it is listed in alphabetical order. But a few of my very old collections appear to be not in order, curious.

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I wonder what’s different. I’ve opened all of my local collections to inspect them, All in alphabetical order.

Perhaps Mac V Widows?, Make 2017 v newer versions.

I was puzzling it too. Almost all are alphabetical for me too. But I found a few anomalies.

Maybe the former but not the latter. Components in my local collections have always displayed in alphabetical order.

I am on a mac. Seems like almost all my local folders are out of order, but not completely. In this one only the Mission Washer (3rd from top) is out of place. I made these all recently and in the same file, then saved them each as components.


They are sorted by file name and not the name in the component window.
The washer is in the same spot as it is in the folder. I changed the file name to Mission Washer and it’s now in the correct spot.

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 4.14.32 PM

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 4.22.43 PM

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I’ll try making another and see what happens.

Here is the result. I drew the basic geometric shapes in order, made components and named them starting with triangle. As I named them I watched the components in model populate and they sorted themselves out alphabetically. I then made 2 local ‘test’ and “test 2” folders. I pulled the components from ‘in model’ into ‘test’ alphabetically and the result was a random order. I then pulled them into “test 2” in random order with again an apparent random order.

However on comparing ‘test’ with “test2”

the random orders were identical.

It’s a Mac thing…

Since a few versions of MacOS, the low-level method to get files in a directory does not return the list in alphanumeric order.

Sketchup has never addressed this issue in the core code and in the Ruby API.

You can notice it for plugins menu entries on Mac.

So it should be the same for external components based on skp files.


Well, they addressed it for material lists a few versions ago (not that there is a list view, though)
‘Mac users’ aren’t supposed to be organised…

For sure that’s me!

I think in many occasions it’s more related to the not corresponding filenames and definitions:

So local collections read the alphanumeric sorted list in Finder, but the component panel displays and sort the definitions.

Another ‘feature’ is that lists need to be re-opened during a session of SketchUp after a file or folder action. It sort of ‘memorises’ the first version and then updates only correctly after opening that collection again through the details icon. (selecting through the down-arrow and recent collections doesn’t do that correctly)

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