Some students are having trouble with

I am having a problem with some, not all, of my students when attempting to open They get to the grey screen with the logo, then it opens no further.

Those students are able to go through my.sketchup Further, they are able to open on their Chromebooks. I have cleared the cache.

I don’t work for SketchUp and this is a user mutual help forum, not official support. Often a Trimble employee such as @colin will see a post such as this, but contacting support directly is more reliable.

That said, it sounds like the computers that get stuck on the opening screen are being blocked from completing the download of the active web code for the app. So, you need to look very carefully at what is different between these computers and the ones that succeed. It could be something local and personal such as web browser settings or DNS server setting, or it could be something a bit more detached such as routing through a different subnet on which a firewall isn’t allowing the download or that isn’t whitelisted at Trimble.

I should have said something else. It follows the student, not the computer. The next step, as I see it, is to have IT/IS delete the student profile (all I can do from my user management tool is to reset passwords, which isn’t the problem).

Frankly, I just thought of this, deleting the user profile, as I was typing this response (part of the value with discussing ideas is that it sometimes helps us think of problems in a different direction). Being as I cannot remember which students are having the problem, I will give it a try when that class starts.