Some lines wont display but can be selected without showing up


Hi, I’ve searched but cannot find anything on my specific issue. I’m leaning toward it being a graphics issue but im not certain. Its not a style issue or a hidden edge issue. My model lines are all still displaying it is only SOME new lines that will not display… it seems mostly that it is lines near my current perspective, which leads me to believe it is some type of graphics issue. From a given perspective i can draw a line and it will not display but still exist in the model…then when randomly clicking to draw lines some will display (typically a little further away from my current perspective but never in the same locations where it would not previously show the lines). Im using 2017 sketchup make on an ASUS Strix laptop w/ Windows 10 running a nvidia geforce gtx 970m graphics card… I’m at a loss so if anyone has experienced these issue please share your knowledge! Thanks in advance.


Could you post at least a screen shot that shows what you’re seeing. Uploading the model would help, too.


Okay, problem solved. While trying to record my screen and replicate the issue i realized that i had a section cut turned on in my drawing and my perspective just happened to be just above the height of the cut so i thought it was near my perspective that the issue occurred when in fact it was because i was going above the cut plane. Thank you for the quick response


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