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Hi everybody.

First of all I’m not sure if this is the appropiate section of the forum to share this but I guess an admin can move it to the right category if it’s necessary.

For those who didn’t know, I’m really interested in exercises, practices, tutorials and so.
I like them very much when they make you learn many many things in little time.

I recently found this site:

AutoCAD para todos - 100% Práctico: Ejercicios Desarrollados Sólidos 3D AutoCAD

I only took a look at that page, but I bet there are more interesting stuff on that site.
As you probably realized the page is in Spanish (Spanish is my first language, I get by reading and writing normal English but still making lot of mistakes).

I offer myself to help you all with some Spanish/English translations if you need it, because it’s one of the things I can do.

Despite the site it’s intended to AutoCAD users you can find there several shapes with its dimensions which you can try to draw, to learn, to practice and so. There is a process (of course there’s not only one) described to draw every object, and it comes with an AutoCAD video which shows you how to do it.

I found a good point on some of the first videos about how things are made on AutoCAD, because you can do the same on SketchUP and maybe you could learn a new way to face a model.

I’ve been using SketchUP just a little bit for a couple of months, I think it’s a great software, in my case, I work on something that has nothing to do with graphic design, I use SketchUP to spend a good time when I have nothing to do, I take it easy, I also read this questions from this forum and I ask my doubts but I hardly ever can help, I guess I could just with very beginner questions and probably someone was faster giving and answer, and probably he did it better than I would because there are really great people with a very good knowledge about how to use SU.

So … if you’ve found any interesting tutorial, exercise, practice, etc, I would really appreciate you share it, it doesn’t need to be the same kind of exercises, whatever is welcome, designs, modeling, rendering, …

If you need help with some of those exercises I can take a look, or if you need to know what it says on some of those Spanish pages, just let me know, I will try to help.


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Hi David,
It’s not a good way of learning SketchUp by watching Autocad tutorials. So i suggest you to begin with these video tutorials: Getting Started with SketchUp
You can also take a look at this SketchUcation website & forum which has a lot of active members (there is a Tutorials subforum as well).

Thank you.

I already watched those four getting started with sketchup videos, It was the first thing I did.

Thank you about the SketchEducation website recommendation, because I knew it, but I didn’t spend time on the forum and I should.

I just saw there are people showing their creations, but I didn’t know there was a tutorials section, however it seems if you try to scroll down the page gets crazy (maybe too many messages), I’m using chrome.

I was sharing what I found useful, but nobody is forced to like what I do, in fact, I was offering help if someone is starting and want to try drawing something like that.

Yea, seems there is something wrong (looks like those are embedded youtube videos that no longer exist) but considering the post is too old, don’t bother much, try to find newer ones.

Well, keep sharing/providing what you find useful, sure it’ll help few if not all. :upside_down:

@filibis, I’m sorry because maybe there was a misunderstanding and it was probably my bad.

I wasn’t recommending to watch videos about AutoCAD to learn/practice Sketchup.

What I meant is that trying to replicate those shapes using SketchUP can be entertaining for beginners like me. In fact, I’m trying this one right now without reading how the author did. (I just read if I need to get some clue about how to “afford” (not sure about the verb) the situation). Once it’s done, I can decide if I take a look to the video and maybe I discover there was a faster way (even on sketchup) to do it, so far, the method the author follows for the first exercises on AutoCAD are practicaly identical to the ones you can do on Sketchup.

The interesting thing to me are not the videos or the text, the important thing to me are the shapes they propose you to draw.

In addition to that, if they have some doubts about how to proceed, they can read the article that describes the steps in autocad (most of them seems to be pretty similar to sketchup) and it also can give you some ideas about how the author faced the problem to design the model and if you know the basics you can do it on SketchUP. If someone needs help with the Spanish translation they can ask me.


I, for one, love modeling things just to expand my abilities, and these simple models are perfect exercises for precision modeling!

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Good to know :wink:

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