Training for SketchUp as a Landscape Architect

Hi - I’m also a landscape designer and evaluating different design tools. I’m currently enrolled in an AutoCAD certificate course and ready to cry. I don’t mind challenge, but I underestimated how un-intuitive the program is and can’t see myself ever freely ‘designing’ with it and enjoying it. Instead I’m pecking away at coordinates and line commands…
Can I ask what approach you took to training for SketchUp? I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the options out there and would like to build progressive knowledge, starting with the basics, directed at landscape designers. I don’t want to waste time piecemealing random YouTube videos and sources, at least until I have a solid foundation and working knowledge of SketchUp. Was there any successive training that you used to get going?

Hi Tabitha,

I completely agree about using CAD as a creative design tool. Sketchup is far more organic and free even though you do pull your hair out for the first 6 months. I used to laugh because I could always tell someone was on sketchup by the noises and actions they were making.

Sketchup now feels like my pen… and actually part of me. I Learned by taking advice from someone who was also a convert to start with, they soon said just look at the online videos as my abilities overtook them.Videos are a very good way to start and and find your way around but it is always nice to have someone to explain things as a landscape designer .

I am happy to offer my services if you need guidance and tutelage. Having someone to ask is always good.

I am looking for assistant designers and maybe we could explore some options.

Let me know

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I feel exactly like you.

There do is no proper structural training given to follow thru.

No Tutorial has shown Building to sloping site cut and fill to basement etc.

Tutorials seemed to be everywhere> Can someone Help!

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Cut and fill analyses are typically incorporated into the curricula of design schools that specialize in architecture, civil engineering and landscape architecture. Software should not be solely relied on to solve land planning issues because adjacent topographic features must be appropriately adjusted to allow for building placement, access point locations, walkways, roads, proper drainage, etc.

That being said, here is a list that resulted from a search for "cut and fill tutorial sketchup:

Perhaps this may be of some value.

Hi Marc,

I wanted to know if you can give me some classes for Autocad, sketchup and realtime landscaping?
I went to college for 3 years but still feel that I need help with these programs.

Please let me know
Or if you know where I can go for these classes too would be a good option.

Sara Yabra

@Sara Marc has not been on the forum since 2015. You may want to reach out with your own post to see if someone on the forum can give you advice on coming up to speed on SketchUp.

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