Landscape Architects + LayOut - Are there any out there?

As SketchUp and LayOut certifiers, we are currently working on creating a test for landscape architecture, and assessing how many landscape architects use LayOut, if any. From what we understand, the design is done in SketchUp and then taken into another software for 2D presentation.

If you have any insight on this, please let us know!

I’m an architect, so far I’ve worked in probably 50 projects either as designer or drawing and some more as construction resident, I’m only 33 but I’ve been working for 14 years now, I was blessed of finding a great mentor who I worked with for some years and now I own my own business with my brother(civil engineer), I worked in a couple of landscaping projects and I used layout to make the entire documentation, actually just at the beginning of my career I used autocad to make the documentation cause that’s what I learned at the University, but after discovering Layout I’ve never used autocad anymore.

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Not enough landscape architects use Sketchup.

With a good template and a couple of extensions it would be unbeatable.

What do you need to know?

And by “other 2d software”, are you counting Photoshop?

While perhaps biased being a team member, my background is in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and I did use SU+LO prior to joining SketchUp. I was a bit of an anomaly and created my own workflows…so the firms I supported did not have an official SU to LO process. Happy to discuss any ideas or pain points you may occur as I agree with the others that CAD still dominated the Landscape profession when it comes to 2D documentation.

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