Some cool examples of my own



That’s correct. As I said before, the watermark and its display state are style properties.


So, what I see coming on the horizon is, if, after making 6 or whatever different styles (of some starting style) just with different watermarks, you want to go back and, say, want to bump up the line weight of profiles, you would have to visit each copy of the style and perform the same edit 6 or more times. Cascading Style Sheets were invented for that kind of thing, but I’m not sure such a feature is worth the trouble from the developer’s point of view.


Yes. I wonder if it would be possible to write a script that would allow one to make the same edit to multiple styles in one step.


That’s a thought.


Rob, Great! Thanks a lot!
I have to test it out be myself. I also think I must check out Vray now.


So here’s what the flood waters look like now.

It still needs symbolic flood plane elevations and boundary lines.


Lumion / Twinmotion have some nice ways to visualize flood zones, as seen here in this example:
if you go to 2:15


Far out! They modeled the construction phase of work including all the Facilities and Temporary Controls. Very interesting use of SketchUp.


impressive… I hope they won the bid, couldn’t have been cheap