(SOLVED?) Sketchup Make 2017 Freezes at startup with Graphics card

@TIG, there’s a sentence in post 5 about doing it - hiding in plain sight. This problem was annoying.

@teddrandrll, now more more homework, How do I make SketchUp run faster. SU has to re-render everything in the workspace every time the camera moves. How smooth this process goes depends on what’s going on in your file - raw geometry, Style settings, textures,

By any chance did you keep a record - even a screenshot of what startups you disabled? This has happened before. Most recently, AMD bundled an app called Play.tv with its driver updates which caused problems with SU.

The culprit was Nahimic which is an audio software that boosts the audio and voice performance on gaming pcs.
I never used it anyways so…goodbye Nahimic

as far as the frame rate… I get the same results with a simple cube…12 lines, 6 faces…no shading. I guess it’s normal though because I watched some Youtube videos of Sketchup and the users video looked about the same as mine

@teddrandrll Was the Nahimic application included/bundled with the Nvidia graphics card software/driver?

And/or did it come with the computer, or if custom-built, did it come with the MB or a graphic card? I noticed Nahimic is offered by MSI…

Just wanted to say thanks. Had the same problem on an MSI laptop with Nvidia 970M graphics. I was running fine on the integrated Intel card, but after a crash I saw it was recommended to force the high performance card to be selected. I did this and then then Sketchup would only load toolbars/menu, but the work area would be blank and the program would go to “Not Responding.” Frustrating!

I disabled the Nahimic software and… Prang!… all fixed. Thanks again!