(solved)Help - the model surfaces are transparent when it is solid in the toolbar style

Surface of the model became transparent even when my STYLE TOOLBAR is solid and dis-abled the backedges too… need help asap thanks!

You are editing a group or component. The rest of the model (outside that container) turns gray until you exit. Just tap Esc or click outside the dashed line box.

Erm even when i exit its transparent? the surface…

It’s really hard to determine from screen shots. It looks like you have a transparent material applied to the surfaces. The real way to tell would be for you to save and upload the model.

erm… how do i upload they say my file too big?

erm…upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

oh thankss!!

Problems with transparency arise because you work on a very, very small scale, and far away from 0,0,0.

You have to work at real size, scale the 3D model with 1000x.


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH .:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Or: Window -> Model Info -> Units and change the units from mm to meter.


That will do nothing to the actual model.


Ups - my mistake - the change of the units works on stl-files :smiley:


hi sorry may i ask how do i scale a model from 1:600 to 1:1…

Use the tape measure to measure a known distance, then type the actual size you want and hit enter, then follow the prompts.


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i did that and i hanged._.

Did you wait?

for example from 83mm i want it to be 13280mm, so i just scale then measuring tape , 13280mm right. But my model disappeared afterwards…

did you try zoom extents(shift z), to zoom out to see the model?

i tried that and i hang or there is nothing there

Well your model is too big for me to download on my limited connection, so I’ll have to leave it for someone else to check.