My windows disappeared, cant select them! What should i do? Model looks transparent


I have a problem with transparency (or at least i think it is that). I need to continue working on my model but i have difficulties to select anything in the model. It appear transporent (seeing just the xray kind of version when i get closer to the part that i want to work on) I dont know whats the problem. please help.

I must have clicked to shortcut on the keyboard or something.

Did you turn on X-ray in View>Face Styles? If so, turn it off by selecting it again in View>Face Styles.

If that’s not it, perhaps you can show us at least a screen shot. Or better, upload the SKP file so we can see it.

Sweelincklaan 25 not working model.skp (2.7 MB)

i just want to have it in the classic default view

You’ve got a number of things screwed up. One of them has to do with incorrect use of layers. There also appears to be a problem with some text or other entities at a great distance from the origin.

I copied the model and pasted it into a new file. I also moved all the edges and faces to Layer 0 as they should be.

You’ll find it easier to work in SketchUp if you leave the Camera set to Perspective. And you need to take some time to learn about using groups, components, and the proper was to use layers. Read the Help articles on those topics.Sweelincklaan_25_fixed[1].skp (2.6 MB)

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Thank you

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