[SOLVED] Duplicate SketchUp folder

It happened when there was a warning that the browser was running a long time and I should save and refresh. Now I’ve two SketchUp folders in Trimble connect. One with all my saved projects and one empty.

Most of the time when I save the first is the correct one, but sometimes I get the empty one. Going back and doing it again usually give the non empty folder. I see no way to remove the empty folder and even there was, I’m not sure if I dare to use it in fear of losing both folders.


Try going to connect.trimble.com and sign in.
Are the SketchUp projects on the same location?
(Eg. North America, Europe or Asia)
Where are you based?

I’m also interested on something related

I created a test project in web app, just to try to delete it after…
(it seams does not matter where my location is, I had my default in NA even I’m in Europe)

The only possibilities I find is to Leave, but is also failed because I have to give an other Admin, but I can’t because I’m the only one who is using this account. I can not remove the User as well due to same reason.
So How can I delete the test project?

I just checked connect.trimble.com but that is for sharing with others. I don’t want that. SchetchUp saves on Trimble Connect but the probably simplified interface doesn’t show an location. At least I don’t see it as in the screenshot above from another poster.

I’m from the Netherlands, so it should be Europe?

Deleting is done in the Project details > settings
This can only be done by admins.
There has to be at least one admin in a project to leave that project.


Regardless, any model that you create in the web browser or on iPad is stored on Trimble Connect.
Even if you are the sole user and have no intentions to share models.(basically you are sharing it now already with your devices)

When starting a trial via SketchUp.com, Trimble creates a basic Project called ‘SketchUp’ that is usually hosted in North America.
Not sure why your recent files show two.
connect.trimble.com should give you the option to choose the location like demoed by @dezmo
You might want to clear cookies and do a ‘hard’ refresh:
Save any changes, first.
In Chrome, rightclick on the lock icon next to the address, choose Cookies and remove all that have ‘trimble’ in their name.
Then hold the control key and hit F5 or the refresh icon next to it.

For others:

Ok, I created a free account on Trimble Connect with the same credentials. There it became clear that the SketchUp folder with all my stuff is hosted in North America. The empty one is hosted in Europe. After downloading the important stuff just in case, I removed the project in Europe. The first try didn’t work, but the second did the trick. So now I’ve only one SketchUp folder again. Which is more logical and practical.

Thanks for the explanation and hints on how things work.

Fwiw, anyone who starts a trial gets 10 Gb, but only one project (and five teammembers) for you to trial and explore.
That’s why the models that you create in the free web version are under that SketchUp project.

Mind you, 10Gb seems a lot but you ‘burn’ it, meaning, removing older models won’t clear the storage.
Same goese for adding team members.

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