iPad delete folder in Trimble connect

Can’t seem to be able to delete a folder I created. Where is the delete option?


On that site, how do you delete a project? I only found a way to leave a project, and that isn’t allowed if you’re the owner.

Like so :

This location doesn’t look anything like that:

What is the URL for the page you show?

You need to go into the project you want to delete, after the project selection screen.

My URL would be

With the end bit being some kind of project ID I suppose.

What are you seeing?

make sure you have the 3D view not selected

Thanks, it was the 3D view option that stops the extra features from appearing.

You can leave any project ( the ones you have created or the ones to which you are invited to) in the project settings > details if there is another Admin left in the project.
Admins can also delete a project.