Solid Tools>Subtract of two solids does not result in a solid. MacBook M2 Sonoma 14.2.1

Solid Tools>Subtract of two solids does not result in a solid. This happens even if the solids are scaled to X10000, so I don’t believe it’s an issue with the solids being too small.

I reported this problem to Trimble in late January. I made a screen capture video to demonstrate the problem. I also made .skp file available. I was told it was a bug, but haven’t heard anything since I first reported the issue. When I asked if the problem was reproduced, I received a reply saying the company cannot provide updates for bugs and cannot say when the fix to the problem wil be released. Is this any way to run a software company?

I moved the video of the problem to my Google Drive and shared it with this link: Screen Recording 2024-01-29 at 5.00.45 - Google Drive
I moved the Sketchup file to my Google Drive and shared with this link: Solid subtract problem.skp - Google Drive
The .skp file has the cutting “block” moved into position ready to cut the other model using Solid Tools>Subtract.

I’m running SketchupPro 23.1.341 on an M2 Pro MacBook Pro running macOS Sonoma 14.2.1.

Hoping someone can assist as Trimble support has been useless so far.

Thank you.

Mike Redden

Delete the rivets and it is a solid.
GIF 19-03-2024 9-48-23 AM
By the way scaling up by 10000 is overkill, sketchup struggles with over large as well as too small.

Solid tools has its foibles, as do many other tools. For something like this I would use Zorro 2 and Fixit 101. Zorro adds Slice Model at Section to the section plane context menu and Fixit fixes a multitude of things.
Here you see I place the section within the group using your block for position. Delete the block and reset back to the original scale to do the cutting.
GIF 19-03-2024 10-03-02 AM
Fixit cleaned up something but I could have just traced one edge at the cut point to heal the face and it would have been a solid.

Strangely, for me it didn’t become a solid when I deleted the rivets. Not sure what I did different to Box. It may be one of those foibles he mentioned!

As for the rivets, they are separated from the rest of the geometry in that group. If the cutting box passed through a rivet, or if a rivet was part of the main geometry, it would get cut. As those rivets are entirely inside the cutting box, and not attached to the rest of the geometry, they don’t get cut.

BTW, thanks for the long screen recording. If it’s ok with you I will use your model as an example to show the developers, in the hope that they can speed up the subtract function.

Yeah I tried again and get the same result as you.
What I did differently the first time is I Reset the scale before doing the subtraction.
When it is 10000 times larger the tolerances allow faces to bend and create extra faces.