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I’m having an issue using solid tools function from both sketchup and the Eneroth solid tools extension. Attached is file. These are just simple rings that I want to split up. The results in sketchup (pro) and Eneroth don’t create clean partial rings when complete. Don’t understand why. I have tried several construction processes to create rings and blocks to substract from rings but results are partial rings have missing sides and are no longer solid objects. Can someone help with this.

solid ring subtraction.skp (239.9 KB)

I would recommend scaling the whole thing up 100x. The intersections are likely creating geometry that is too small to create. Once you are done with SOld tools, you can scale the groups back down.

Or search the forum for the term "Dave Method"™©®

thank you - scaling up did the trick for sketchup solid tools, but not eneroth

BoolTools 2

thank me later


There is a bug in my solid tools regarding interior loops in faces. For some time I’ve wanted to rewrite the plugin but as it is a free extension I need to prioritize other projects to pay my bills.

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