Solid tools fail on cylinders

Subtract smaller cutting cylinders from two larger cylinders to model a pair of drilled holes in tube. Output is not a solid at any scale, or the tools just fail. intersecting raw geometry fails for me too. There is a real world 8’ instance and a scaled x1000 version in this file. It’s been a long day, I must be tired and missing something?

solid tools cylinders.skp (71.4 KB)

With BoolTools2:
ed-solid tools cylinders (SU 2017).skp (232.3 KB)



Here’s a quickie with standard solid tools, I scaled the definition of the large one and it works fine on the small. And I forgot to copy before I did the subtract.
GIF 24-01-2022 5-41-44 PM

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Facepalm, I am tired. I could not figure out why it keep failing at even larger scale with standard or eneroth solid tools. Of course it works flawlessly after scaling the definition, even on the smaller version as you pointed out. Thanks.

It’s not a complete facepalm, it should work without having to scale the definition, but that’s one of those issues, when you scale something small by 1000 it can get pretty confused.
I’ve never been a great fan of scaling by 1000, I normally do 10 or 100, or I work at 1000 times which is different to scaling.
If you scale your original size by 10 I bet it will work.

I thought the same, as the real world item was not that small to begin with, although intersecting cylinders sometimes get tricky when the facets don’t align as these don’t. I started with 10, and when that generated incomplete cuts and artifacts I assumed it was not scaled enough so went down the rabbit hole of upping my scale to 100 then 1000 without luck. By the time I got to 1000 and it was still failing I knew something else was going on and was ready for another set of eyes. Thanks

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Just for fun, here it is scaled by 10. Actually it’s just me avoiding what I should be doing.
By 10

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There is still some room for some sort of indication in the Entity inspector: