Boolean Operation + Validity Check Destroys my Model

I’ve been working on this issue for hours and I cannot find any answer. I have what I believe to be a fairly simple operation. I have a hollow cylinder (that does have wall thickness) that I need to punch several holes through. I’ve created the cylinder with 96 edges because the intention is for this model to be 3d printed. I have created several small cylinders to do the Boolean operations with. As I proceed through the different subtractions and save the file between each operation, eventually I will get the message that there are some minor errors with the file and asks me if I would like Sketchup to fix it. If I click yes, my model is blown to pieces with faces being deleted.

I’ve attached my file here to test with… Outsleeve Fix2.skp (576.0 KB)

In my model, the total size of it is about 6"x1.5" however I have tried the scaling up method before doing the Boolean cuts and I still get the same problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

you have one stray line, but scaling by up by 100% works using Subtract…


Is this what you want?

How much are you scaling up before attempting to create the holes?

I used my standard method of working on small stuff. I made a component of the sleeve, copied it along with the hole punchers and scaled that copy up by a factor of 1000. Then I ran Trim and Keep until I punch all the holes. (Subtract or Trim from the Solid Tools set won’t work for this) I deleted the large copy and returned to the original. I just made a copy of that component to show the holes. cut.