Solid tools - Do not subtract as I expected

Hi everybody.

I’ve had success using solid tools > sustract on another occasions, but I don’t make it work in this occasion.

It seems not to work with the rotation I chose for the object.

Does anyone know the reason?

test.skp (42.4 KB)

EDIT: I want to subtract wit the original rotation.

Thanks in advance.

The rectangular block touches the cylindrical curved face at an intersection at only one point, causing problems.

Extrude the block down. This will not change the target result but will subtract properly.

Extruded downwards:

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Cool, thank you so much :wink:

This has been the final result.
Would it be possible to make the red selection more smooth? I mean with more segments or something like that.


Yes it would be possible to make the red edge with more segments. Start with more sides when you draw the circles.

You mean the one on the base, right?
Thank you Dave.

Yes. Exactly.

48 sides on the cylinder.

48 sides on the left, 96 on the right

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Cool, it looks much better :wink:
Did you have to draw it from scratch?
Because it seems not possible to change the segments number once it’s extruded

Yes. I redrew it each time.

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