Solid subtraction works with rects and polygons, but not circles?

Hello all,

Running sketchup 2016 and can use substract on solids normally when the base shape was initiated with a rectangle or polygon, yet when I start with a cirlcle the subtract step appears to add the solids instead. I’m using the same technique.

Has anyone experienced this?

How about sharing a SketchUp file that shows this. Show the before and after setups.

I don’t get that behavior at all.

Thanks DaveR, I don’t know how to create a file that shows animation such as yours. Here’s a screen shot illustrating my problem. I now know its not just about circles, as I can make a subtraction with a cylinder as seen in side wall of my outlet. But when I try the same procedure on the front wall I get what the appears to be the addition of my cylinder and wall.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can try it ourselves?

One thing that might be giving you problems is the reversed faces. You need to get those straightened out either way.

I found residual shapes behind the wall, once removed, it worked normal.
Thanks very much for your help!