Solid modelling

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to model a 3D form based on this odd shaped plan and the almost rectangular (there is 3 deg slope on the top edge) profile. I will need to repeat this process on multiple unique forms so I thought I’d see if anyone would be willing to check my process. I do prefer a solid form and with minimal edges visible in an elevation view. So for example the vertical edges closing the top plane to the bottom plane along curved edges - it would be nice to perhaps have a single edge that defines the change from a smaller radius curve to the larger radius curve. I do realise that because of the height of the front curved edge varies, that this might be difficult to achieve.

I used “push pull” on both planes and then the “intersect faces” tool to intersect the two forms with each other. Afterwards I manually deleted unwanted edges and manually filled between the top plane and bottom plane to fill in the side faces.

Any other neater method I could use?

Solid Form 2.skp (197.0 KB)

Since you have pro I would use Solid tools. Here I have used split.
You also have one group nested so I exploded it first to get rid of the nesting, and welded the edges to stop the extra edges forming on the sides.
GIF 3-06-2024 10-06-17 PM

Fantastic!!! Thank you @Box - I have never actually activated the “Solid Tools” toolset. Unbelievable!! Been using SU since @last days.

Where does one find the “Weld Edges” tool in the context menu?

Nevermind, found it.

This implies you’re using a version newer than 2019. Please update your forum profile.

@Box I keep getting the following error

My profile is correct. I use SU 2019. I just, temporarily, am assisting someone else who has SU 2024 subscription.

Either you didn’t remove the nesting or you are selecting a guide along with the groups.


I see. Weld Edges was added as a native thing after 2019.