Merge edges

Need to merge two polygons in one so when i push up there’s no extra edge.

Simplest way is to delete the extra edge after push pull. That will recreate a single horizontal edge each at top and bottom.

hello, these are not polygons but lines. your square side is divided in two, that can mainly happen if :

  • you drew it in two gos
  • you drew something starting from that point or crossing that point that divided it in two.
  • you used the divide function

simply delete the two lines and draw a single line for this side of the square before using push/pull

you also have welding plugins but I wouldn’t bother getting plugin for that.

I only see one polygon, but that vertical edge will result during pushpull if the original horizontal edge was broken at that spot. One way to heal a broken edge is to drag an endpoint over to the end of the second segment. @john_mcclenahan and @paul.millet have mentioned other ways.


You would need to make sure the weld plugin had an option to replace the two edges with a single new one, else the vertical edge will still be created, just smoothed and softened so it doesn’t show.

Just erase the offending line after push/pull. Both edges will be healed then.

Remember, weld is now native.

That was just an example, i need a faster way than doing it manually, because i have complex model where i have straight lines consisting of two that i want to merge before pulling up.

What plugin can i use? I tried “Cleanup 3” plugin but it does not help.

what version of sketchup do you use ? your profile doesn’t make it clear, there is no sketchup make 2021
if you have 2020 or 2021, you can select all > right click and pick weld edges

I meant v21

If you choose the “Repair edges” option in Cleanup 3. it ought to fix split edges. You need to use it before doing the pushpull. Alternatively, after the pushpull, the “Merge Faces” option should do the trick.

Edit: Make sure the edges are truly collinear by labeling their vertices with the Text Tool. If the seeming edge is kinked too much at that point, Cleanup 3 won’t straighten it out or fix it. You will need to erase and redraw it.

On second attempt this plugin worked thank you.