Why am, getting these after using push/pull?

why am, getting these after using push/pull ?

Are you referring to the edges dividing the faces? That is typical when the bounding edges of the face you are pushing are exploded into short segments.

Why do you still have all those exposed reversed faces? You shouldn’t.

Difficult to judge from a screenshot but it might also be that things are not quite square.

can you check pleaseupload.skp (736.5 KB)

upload.skp (736.5 KB)
i think it started after drawing a square around them

Pushpull doesn’t create “flap” faces such as seen in your model. You must have been doing something else. Please clarify exactly what you were trying to accomplish and how.

upload.skp (736.5 KB)
i was trying to push up …what inside the square

I don’t understand. Perhaps you can reply in your native language to provide a clearer explanation and we can use a translator to better understand?

“Push up” suggests you want to work on a horizontal face, as vertical faces can only be pushed to the side, not up. It isn’t clear to me what horizontal face you might be referring to.