Solid is broken if I move/hide anything

I have a weird issue, sometimes I create a solid joining or substracting other solids on it, everything looks fine, but if I move this solid, or just move any other solid without touch that one, it broke, the solid it’s not longer a solid, if I use the “solid inspector” plugin after create the solid, show no errors, if I move or hide the solid, inmediately brokes and the inspector show that I have 2 border surfaces, just for move the solid, any one know whats happening?

You would need to attach an example for us to be able to tell what is happening.

one problem, can’t show the neither the file or images for NDA contract, but anyway if I save it and try to send it, it’s going to be already broken.

Even looking at the broken model would help.
But with nothing else to go on I have nothing else to offer.

Are you moving some portion of a larger contiguous set of geometry? If so, maybe auto-fold is being activated by SketchUp at the boundary between the selected moving and the non-selected stationary portions of the object?

When Solid Inspector 2 reports that there are problems, press the Tab key to cause Solid Inspector2 to highlight in red the first problem. Repeated Tab presses will cycle through the other problems. Perhaps you will be able to identify the exact location and nature of the problem in this way, and then manually repair it?