Solid Inspector Heisenbug

If you came to this thread because you where using Solid Inspector and got this message:

Then please read on. If not - carry on browsing the forum.

Along the error reports I have collected from Solid Inspector there is one prevailant one which I have not been able to reproduce. The error makes no sense from a code point of view. I’m starting to suspect there might be a Ruby bug and/or SketchUp bug in play as well here.

Can you please save a copy of the model that produced the above warning and attach it here please?

Alternatively, you can send me a private message if you don’t want to share the model publicly.

Along with the model, please also include what SketchUp version you are using and what OS and OS version.

The 3rd sentence should read (with a comma after “publicly”):

“If you don’t want to upload the model publicly, the thread will have instructions on how you can send the model privately.”

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That’s the error I got. Here’s the file:

Wind Tunnel 2.skp (185.3 KB)

Hi Matt. Thanks for posting!

I’m afraid that I’m still not able to reproduce this. What do you have selected when you run SI2?

What OS do you have? What SketchUp version?

Are you able to reliably reproduce that error with that model?

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Dear Thomthom,

I was playing with SubD with this model, when I couldn’t get it to subdivide. quadissue.skp (29.9 KB)

I named it a quad issue because I thought I was not creating all faces as quads, so I was going to post it in a related thread about that, but praps it’s linked to this thread more… dunno.

I got Heisenbug by trying to create this as a solid, and downloaded solid inspector 2 just now to try to rectify the problem. As an experiment I know that there are edges which share more the one face (the small ‘box’ and the ‘big box’ but I thought that I could make crease certain edges (the common ones to both ‘sections’) to solve this…

Hope this is vaguely helpful…

I’m aware of the other thread about solids, but this is about the ‘Heisenbug uncertainty principle’ so it should stay here I guess…

Hi @IanR. What SketchUp version was this? Are you able to reproduce it? Or was it a one-time thing?

Hi @thomthom. No I can’t seem to repeat the error sorry. Solid Inspector now says there are no issues with it, although sketchup says it isn’t a solid

When I got the error, SubD was telling me there were internal faces where there weren’t any, so that’s why I downloaded solid inspector (the highlight thing is fantastic in xray mode, thanks for that!)

I’m using SU Pro 2016. I’ll keep trying to replicate for a bit…

Assuming that the ‘floor’ lines do not support internal ‘floor’ faces…
If you have two seemingly solid boxes, which share a common edge then that edge has four faces associated with it !
A solid is defined by having only edges and faces inside it, and that EVERY edge supports exactly TWO faces - no more no fewer…

Yea, the simple way to check if a mesh is solid is to see if any edges have more than two faces connected. This mesh you have here is an edge case - because the cubes share an edge in the corners. So the simple way SU checks will fail, but Solid Inspector perform a slightly different check.