Unable to subdivide model

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@IanR To answer your other question in that thread; why it’s not possible to subdivide that shape: the two cubes in that model share an edge. That means there are more than two faces connected to that face - and SUbD cannot subdivide that.

Version 2 of SUbD - coming soon - will be able to handle it. It can subdivide meshes with internal faces and models like the one you posted. However, I’m not sure if it produce a desired result.

Also, not that face directions will affect the subdivided result in SUbD v2. So you want to ensure your faces are all facing in a uniform direction.

Thank you for your time thomthom. I realised I had Hidden Edge style selected so didn’t spot the reversed faces.

Is your screen shot using SubD v2?

In my attached image, grouping the two boxes seperately and creasing what would be shared edges the edges to 1.00, created something like a subdivided whole look, although it’s not a simple to edit of course.

Yes. :slight_smile: It is powered by Pixars OpenSubdiv which offer more options and better creasing control. It also removed the limitation of not allowing inner faces. I’ll be starting beta soon. So more info should be coming shortly. :smiley:
(Oh, and did I mention that v2 would be a free update?)

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