[Solid Inspector 2] Uncaught error?

Continuing the discussion from Solid Inspector²:

I have been using your excellent Solid Inspector for some months, and today have caught my first bug. The error report is attached, as it is really long. I have also attached the guilty group for you to look over.

I took the model to another PC with an almost identical setup, and the solid passes with no errors. Your help would be appreciated.

This extension is amazingly useful! Thank you!

InternalWalls.skp (179.3 KB)
SI Error Report.txt (35.3 KB)

check how you have layers set

Which version are you using? The later versions of SI pops up a dialog when it run into an error - no more need to copy paste into the forums. Can you please check that you have the latest version?


I am in the middle of upgrading some of my CAD software, and will check that I have the latest version of SI when I do SketchUp.

Thank you for writing SI – I am in awe of people like you who can code successfully.