Solid doesn't apply to all components

I set up a model, working with components to make a relatively simple job even faster. It’s a layout for wall mouldings.

First I set up the room with straight mouldings , making sure I use the same component for the same length. In theory I only have to “miter” (cut in 45 degree) some of them.

Turned out, that when I do it using SketchUp’s native solid tools. The component turns to group and the operation doesn’t affect the rest of the components. Was this always the case or is this a bug?

I know that some transformation (scale and Freddo scale ) doesn’t affect all components, but surely solid operation would be working on all.

In hindsight, there should have been a quicker way to do what I set up to do, either using lines and follow me tool or some extensions. Any tipe are welcome to speed up workflow.


both. always a bug :slight_smile:

you have 2 solutions here.

  • first is to open your component, select all and make a group. and do the operation inside the component.
  • second is to grab Eneroth solid tool from the extension warehouse. works the same but components remain components.

Thank you.

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you’re welcome.
try it on your side, and if it’s all good, you can mark my message as the answer (the ticked box at the bottom) so future people with the same issue know it’s solved :wink:

also, there is a 3rd solution, BoolTools

not free though.

so it’s basic solid tools with their problems, Eneroth solid tools that fix the problem but you have fewer operations, or bool tools with all the operations, problem fixed and a bit more, but at a cost.

solutions for all budgets :).

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FWIW, there is another native solution/step that can replace the instances of the definition after a Boolean operation. After the operation, rightclick on the result and choose ‘Make Component’.
The name is set to the former component defintion and one can choose to replace the former version.


No grouping inside needed or use of extensions (not discussing if this is a workaround for a bug or intended behavior)

In the Browser and iPad version, though, there is no possibilty to use extensions, therefore this could be a solid worflow:


Slightly different, one needs to replace 'Component#N to the name of the component before the operation.


Things get worse in the iPad:


It looks as if it replaces the definition, but it doesn’t show in the instances. In fact, two definitions with the same name coexist in the model.
After a save and reopening, the adjusted definityion has #1 added to the name…
The workings should be the same in all versions, regardless of being named a bug or not.
@MikeTadros @Mark


Brilliant idea! I could have thought of that! Luckily, I am a PC based…

Sounds like you gave the SketchUp team something to think bout…( iPad version)