Cutting component that not works like a component!


I have just discovered cutting components. I think is very ussefull. But I don’t understand how it works.

I have create a cutting component. I have copy (move+alt) the component and the new objetc cut the plane. But when I edit the component the new object doesnt update. I have click on object. It is the same component, the same name…

Why it doesn’t update changes?

Thanks in advance!.

Can you upload an example SKP file that shows this?

Are you referring to using the Solid Tools? If so, they convert the modified component to a group and only that group gets the modification.

Ups! I think the problem is that. It now is a group. Does is a way to do what I want? Use like a Component? Can I do a component from that group?

Select the new group > context-menu > Make Component
Give it a name and axes etc…
A new component is made from the group’s contents…

The making of a group from a ‘trimmed’ solid component is the native tool’s standard behavior.
There is an extension which keeps the cut result as a component…

As I wrote before, the Solid Tools convert the component that gets modified into a group. Although I wish that wasn’t the case, it is normal behavior for the native Solid Tools. Check out Whaat’s Bool Tools 2 or Eneroth’s Solid Tools (from the Extension Warehouse). They do the expected and leave components as components.

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