Solid component no longer solid

I created a beam, 2x6 and made a component and saved it. It was then a solid component. Then I started a new project and imported the same solid and it was then “Component ( 1 in model)”. What happened? It is no longer a solid.

Look at the component in Outliner. I expect it is double wrapped. If so, explode the top level component and you should be good.

If the beam is something you would use in mode models in the future, it would be better to add it to a local collection or library and bring it into your model from the Components window instead of importing it. If you must import it, open the beam’s SKP file. Right click on the component and choose Save as… Save it out with a new name. Then import that. I would be inclined to delete the current beam SKP file after doing that to avoid confusion.

Whenever I create a component and then import it into a model it is wrapped like this and I have to ‘explode’ the top level. How can I avoid it being like this?

Instead of using File>Save after you’ve made the component, right click on the component and choose Save as… Or after creating the component, save it to a local collection in the Components window. Then insert it into your model by dragging it in from the window instead of using the Import function. Bringing components in through the Components window is generally easier anyway.