Software release is NOT working - Very disgusted!

I have a Sketchup Pro license and was able to run 2023 Pro without any issues today. However, after I added 2024 Pro, (which Sketchup recommended) I get the message that I have too many licenses open and need to disable one or use the link “below” to disable other systems. Frankly, this does NOT work! Either that, or I am truly dumber than a day-old chicken. I have disabled every system that I can find in the manage my account area and still nothing works. Sketchup ought to hire some programmers from Adobe. They at least have this routine figured out. I have NEVER had a problem with Adobe’s system, but I seem to ALWAYS have issues trying to disable an open Sketchup system. To make matters worse, Sketchup does not provide a live chat or support system, so I am unable to use the Sketchup software now and must wait until Sketchup gets around to looking at my issue. Am I mad about it? Yes indeed!

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You just need to manage your activations. See:

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re using SketchUp 2021.

Thanks Dave. I have done all of those things and to no avail. I even went to the suggested video and watched it. I had already done all of that. When I login, I get the plans and pricing screen and it’s asking me to buy online. I am logged in, but it does not recognize my subscription to Sketchup Pro. Funny thing is, it evidently knows my IP address because even after cleaning the cache, it finds me and gives me the opportunity to login. When I do, here comes the plans and pricing screen. As I said, Sketchup has a problem

Thanks for your suggestions though. I appreciate it.

Wil Haines

Do you have more than one email address registered with Trimble?

You haven’t done all of those things, because some of the instructions are for Mac and according to your profile you are on windows :stuck_out_tongue:

press the windows key + R
paste this in and press ok

Delete the SketchUp 2024 folder
(You can delete all of them if you wish)

Restart your computer and try SketchUp 2024 again.

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