Soften All Selected Edges

Hello all, first time poster here.

Is it possible to soften all selected edges? I realize this may not be a current feature, but maybe someone knows of a great extension? Ideally, I would like to select a bunch of edges at once, and then click a button to soften all of them. It is really tedious to do so using the eraser tool. (Might not be as tedious if there was a way to change the eraser size…)

Any and all help provided will be greatly appreciated!

Yes it is. No extension needed. Select the edges and either right click on one of them and choose Soften/Smooth from the Context menu or go to the Soften panel in the tray and adjust the slider.

Awesome! Thanks for the prompt reply!

Or click on the Soften toggle-button in the Entity Info window/tray.

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Of course that one works if you have only edges selected. If there’s a lot of them to do, working with the Soften Edges panel is easier because you can select a whole bunch of edges and faces and it still works. :wink:

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