Smooth/soften edges

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but when I select a curve to smooth /soften from the “contextual menu” no adjustment widow appears. I’ve look for one in the other menus but can’t find it. Just wondering if there is anyway to adjust the setting ?

It’s the same way as in the other web-based versions. You need to open the Display panel and scroll down to the Smooth Edges section.

Thanks for the response, but my Display panel only has hide options available.

On iPad they are in the Entity Info panel.

I must be using the tool wrong because no info appears in Entity Info panel related to the soften/smooth edges. Any suggestion ?

Select only the edges.

What’s this?

Sorry to be such a newb ,but in the pic the edges are selected and when selected the soften/smoothe edges selection seems to do nothing and I can’t find a window to change the percentage.

Unfortunately I don’t have an Ipad and so I can only guess from experience with the other versions.

But so are the faces. The content displayed in Entity Info is dependent on what you have selected.

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Hi all, apologies for the confusion.
as @Vetguy1 rightly pointed out, we still have some work to do to implement the Soften/Smooth panel – and at present, the Soften/Smooth context menu item is inoperable (we had removed it in a previous build, but it surfaced in a recent build, inadvertently).

The 2 methods I’d recommend for the time being are:

  1. Activate the Eraser tool, then activate the Smooth mode, then go to town smoothing edges with the eraser tool (note, the Eraser tool also offers a Hide mode, and an Unsmotth/Unhide mode – fun times)

  2. Pop open the Styles panel, expand the Face settings and choose Wireframe. With Wireframe as the active style, you will see and be able to select, edges only. After selecting the edges that you want to smooth, open Entity info and toggle on the switches for soften/smooth.


Ahhhh yes they are :flushed:. Thank you DaveR. Options to soften and smooth do appear in Entity Info when just edges are selected but only to turn off and on. No percentage option yet. Sorry I didn’t catch about the edges in you previous post.

Thanks Mike. My next question was regarding the context menu. All kinds of great smooth tips too!

Oh, that’s and interesting trick! I still would like Selection Toys to be rolled into the base program, as I use it a lot. There isn’t a similar trick to selecting just faces, is there?

Is there a shift function on the ipad? Select in wire frame, switch back to Mono or any other, shift select and it will select faces but deselect edges.

Yup, it works. At least there’s that option.

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There sure is! Under Styles > Edge Settings turn off Edges and Profiles. Select will then grab faces only.

Note, that this only works with Lasso and Standard selection tool drag/draw operations. Triple-tapping to select all connected geometry will do just that, regardless of the Style settings.

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Yup, that worked too. Good points.