Snapping to model in Layout

Earlier today I was able to grab imported models with ease and in the last 30 minutes I have not been able to do so.

I have to zoom out so that the whole of the paper template is showing and then I can grab the model by sweeping the mouse across the model…

I don’t think that I have made any changes to settings etc.

Any ideas please?

What rendering type? Where are you trying to grab the viewport? Is background displayed or not?

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are looking at?

Hi Dave R.

The model is a 2D line drawing that I have imported and set the rendering setting to hybrid as usual.

The file is 20 mB.

I have, for some time set a graphic for insulation as a scene in SU and imported that with no problem. Tonight, I can now intermittently grab the model by using the left button on the mouse but that didn’t wok for the past hour on the stuff I am working on. It did on an older file.

Upload the file to Drop Box and share the link so I can see what you’ve got going on.

Keep in mind that if you have something above the viewport on the page, that can get in the way of selecting the viewport. Best practice would be to turn off the layer(s) for those things that are in the way.

Thanks Dave R.

I don’t use layers.

Let me look into this in the morning when I have more time.

That’s too bad. If you are stacking things like images and viewports, the lack of layers can make it difficult to get to the entities lower down.